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2021's Best SaaS Directories and Review Websites

Social proof is one hell of a growth marketing weapon.

Listing your SaaS in Software directories and Review websites can bring tremendous results and the best of all, mostly for free.

When other SaaS marketers ask me:
"What is the most ROI generating marketing thing I can do with my SaaS company or Startup?"
.. I always recommend creating listings in SaaS directories.

Here are some benefits of SaaS directories:

  • Free exposure on high ranking websites
  • SEO -> You get a profile with do-follow links to your website. Your brand name occurs on the website multiple times
  • Build social proof - can be used for further marketing activities
  • Some directories offer PPC which can boost your presence even more
  • Once you gather enough reviews, you can integrate the "google stars" so your organic and paid google results will show with stars which boosts CTR rapidly
  • SaaS directories regularly publish ratings which can provide additiona free exposure

Facts, data & studies

  • According to SoftwareAdvice, 75% of B2B Software buyers consult reviews before purchasing business software.
  • Pardot conducted a research that discovered that B2B purchasers start their product research using a Google, where these review sites rank very highly. (At LiveAgent, we track the source of customers and also ask our customers manually about the way they found about us. About 2/3 of the customers confirm that they started with google search + software review website)
  • Think of Software directories as Tripadvisor or Yelp! - how many of you use them when booking a hotel or looking for a restaurant? I do!

List of best SaaS directories

  • G2 - Definitely in the top 3. Genuine reviews (must be original and are verified through LinkedIn). You can get started for $0. The branding package is very affordable as well.
  • Capterra - Very well ranked on Google. Some categories may be crowded with advertisers so the average bid is higher. High quality leads with high average purchase value. They offer PPC advertising options - we use their PPC for LiveAgent and some of the campaigns are performing better than AdWords.
  • Trustpilot - $0 to get started, the highest Alexa ranking out of all. Gets well along with Google, is a Google Trusted Seller partner (if you gather enough reviews, your rating will show on Google SERP.)
  • FinancesOnline - ranks well on Google. Comprehensive product overview and profile.
  • GetApp - Nice UI, verified reviews, lots of traffic. Is part of the Gartner network (Capterra, GetApp & Software Advice are all owned by Gartner)
  • Gartner - One of the major players and a reputable brand
  • SoftwarePundit – Comprehensive, detailed software reviews written by the company's analysts. Ranks well on Google, and open to content partnerships.
  • Software Advice - Well ranked in Google, verified reviews, offers PPC
  • TrustRadius - High quality leads and comprehensive reviews.
  • Crozdesk - Focused on SMEs SaaS
  • CrowdReviews - They help you with gathering first reviews for free
  • ConsumersAdvocate - Review portal which offers special type of promotion via Google Ads PPC (they enter the auction for specific keywords, and you can list on their website)
  • DiscoverCloud - list your saas for free here
  • Software Suggest - another great, free platform to list your saas
  • Serchen - free listing and they also offer Pay per click advertising options
  • Pandia - they have been getting a lot of traction lately
  • Hotscripts - Great Alexa ranking, ideal for tech decision makers, the website looks old but don't get discouraged
  • SaaS Genius - Strictly SaaS!
  • SaaS Max - SaaS focused marketplace
  • ITCentralStation - still not well known but it's free
  • Yes, there's still more SaaS directories below :)
  • TechTarget
  • The Software Network
  • Better Buys - Their title says it all - "Objective software insights"
  • Technology Advice - they are growing quickly so create your listing while it's free
  • Siftery - share the products you use and see what products other companies are using
  • Producthunt - y'all know Producthunt
  • ComparaSoftware - the only software directory 100% focused on spanish speaking market

Bonus (This one is really worth it!)

AlternativeTo - Great Google SERP ranking. Especially with keywords “Alternative to YourCompetitor”. Profile is free and you can get very high quality leads!

Bonus 2 (These are not SaaS directories per se, but rank well on Google, and having a profile there won't hurt :))

  • Crunchbase - a platform for finding information about businesses
  • Glassdoor - job portal/employer review page

2020 Update

Astrogrowth - as they say - Not Your Usual Business Software Reviews. I recommend checking out this one.

Are there any cons?

Even though I'm a big advocate of SaaS directories, there are a few cons. The biggest one is maintenance - once you list your SaaS in 20+ directories, it will take some time to keep track of your listings, update them with the latest screenshots of your UI, your pricing plans and so on.

IMHO, it's still worth the time invested, so go ahead and start listing your SaaS!

Update: A fellow Growth Hacker reached out to me about a service he runs. They specialize in submiting products to directories, gathering reviews and managing these profiles. If you prefer to outsource these activities, check out Mypresences.

In the next post, I will teach you how to Get the most out of your SaaS listings by utilizing social proof.